About OuterSpin

OuterSpin is an IT, Web design and software engineering company that based in North Wales. With experienced professionals able to assist in a wide variety of issues, OuterSpin is quickly expanding.
With a growing and varied portfolio, OuterSpin is always looking for new clients; whether it be for a simple web page or a full bespoke business solution, we will endeavour to solve all situations. The staff are also certified in Microsoft Windows 8 and Office 2013/365 together with certifications and training in several Samsung mobile devices (software).

Web design

web design

Website or web page, customised to your needs.

A site can be designed from scratch to match your needs or one can be made up from an already existing template. The choice of styles and addons can be quite overwhelming so this is where the site must fit the needs.

Web design

web hosting

Website URLs, Webhosting, E-mail setup.

Whether you have a URL and just need a site updating or you want something made from scratch, there is full flexibility on hosting, redirecting and URLs.

Web design

it support

Full computer setup and problem solving.

With issues ranging from old slow computers to newer confusing computers, there is always a solution. From hardware to software support, we believe a computer should make life simpler and not be another cause of stress.